Guess Which Country Has Decided To Censor 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Thanos will not be pleased.

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Guess Which Country Has Decided To Censor 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Image: Marvel/Disney

'This does not put a smile on my face,' says Thanos.

Imagine waiting ten years for a movie and then finding out that you won't be getting the entire movie.

Unfortunately for our friends in Indonesia, this is exactly what they are staring at.

Indonesian website reported that audiences in the country can expect a slightly different version of the highly-anticipated superhero film due to censorship.

According to the news portal, the official runtime for the movie clocks in at 149 minutes in Indonesia - a full seven minutes shorter than the official runtime of 156 minutes listed on movie site IMDB! 

Indonesians be like...
The chairman of Indonesia's Film Censorship Institute (LSF), Ahmad Yani Basuki, told the portal that he signed off on the censorship process, although he did not know specifically which scene(s) got the cut.

He went on to explain that "many films are revised" in Indonesia, especially those involving a lot of violence.

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The LSF also take into account the age classifications for viewers when they decide to censor a film, Ahmad added.

'Avengers: Infinity War' currently has a PG13 in Indonesia.

Here's where things get weird

On Sunday, a different LSF spokesperson told the media that no cuts have been made to the film.

Rommy Fibri told Indonesian website Liputan 6 that the version of the movie that is on its way to cinemas is the same as the one provided by the movie distributor.

In other words, the version of the film LSF received from the movie distributor is 149 minutes in length. 

Cannot brain.
So, what happened to the remaining seven minutes? 

There are theories circulating around the interwebs saying that IMDB had gotten the official runtime wrong, with some speculating that the website was given an estimated runtime before final cuts were made to the film.

However, it doesn't matter if the movie is 149 minutes or 156 minutes long, it would still be the longest Marvel movie ever made. ('Captain America: Civil War' currently holds the record at 148 minutes)

Now, we are just praying hard that our censorship board does not get any funny ideas.

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