New Local Music Releases In 2018 (So Far) That You Need To Listen To Now

These Malaysian-made singles, EPs and albums prove we have no shortage of talent.

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New Local Music Releases In 2018 (So Far) That You Need To Listen To Now
We have officially entered the second quarter of the year and in the past three months, we saw a number of singles, EPs and albums released by our homegrown Malaysian acts.

Yes, it is nice to celebrate the likes of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar. But it is even more satisfying to support our local musicians as well. So here are some of the new Malaysian-made music we've heard so far, you should probably give them a listen too. 


Kayda is a passionate and driven hip hop and R&B artist based in Kuala Lumpur. The 27-year-old started singing, rapping, dancing and writing her own songs at 13 years of age.

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She grew up in a musical environment with parents who have been working in the music industry for more than 30 years. Most of you probably know her as the daughter of jazz legend, Sheila Majid.

She has just released her heartfelt debut album titled ‘Love for No Reason’, mainly produced by Emir Hermono from Indonesia. The six-track album explores her personal journey through love, from heartbreak to hope, it gives us a sneak peek into her stories and insights.

Filled with raw emotions through her hard-hitting rap, the album invites listeners into a deeper conversation about why we love.
Listen to Kayda: Spotify | iTunes
Follow Kayda: Facebook | Instagram

K-town Clan

K-town Clan is a prominent figure in the Malaysian hip hop scene. The trio is known for their energetic performances and high-octane stages. Besides belting out chart-topping hits, the Kajang natives have also performed next to top local and international acts, including Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys, 2NE1 and more.

Now, they have finally released their much-anticipated second album titled ‘Crunk Cowboys and The Moon Shine Music’. K-town Clan’s new music is now available for pre-order on their website.

Listen to K-town Clan: Spotify
Follow K-town Clan: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Battle Bloom

Battle Bloom is an indie pop band from Kuala Lumpur. They released their debut album ‘Maps and Diagrams’ in April last year. The six-track album embodies Battle Bloom’s different stages of growth and journey as a band.

Formerly known as Saturday Afternoon, the band adopted a new name to reconcile their differences in influence, background and personality, combining inspiration from metal, pop and folk.
Battle Bloom has played various shows in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Melbourne. Since the release of their debut album, the band recently unveiled their new music video ‘Walk Run Drive’ from the album.

Listen to Battle Bloom: Spotify
Follow Battle Bloom: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


Nadir began their journey as a band in 2015. As the meaning of their name, ‘rare’, the band strives to make music that is rare and unique, mixing different life experiences and emotions together with an explosive energy on stage that calls for cheers.

They fuse together sounds that represent the colourful culture of Malaysia. From sitar to percussion to saxophone to Carnatic vocals, Nadir’s music is definitely not what you’d expect.
Having performed at esteemed stages like Merdekaraya, No Black Tie, Temple of Fine Arts’ Festival of Arts and the 5th KL Piano Jazz Festival 2018, Nadir is on their way to becoming a musical powerhouse.

Recently, they released a brand new 13-track album called ‘Synesthesia’, which includes sounds that take you on a cultural sonic adventure.
Listen to Nadir: Spotify 
Follow Nadir: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


In the last eight years since she has been active in the local music scene, singer-songwriter Nadhira has dabbled with rock, blues, jazz, soul and R&B. The songbird uses her travels as a muse for her music, as seen in her last album ’12 Shades’.

Taking her matured skills and talents to greater heights, Nadhira came back with a new single this year titled ‘Hold Me Down’, featuring rapper SXPH. She is also working on a number of projects and collaborations.

Listen to Nadhira: Spotify | iTunes
Follow Nadhira: Facebook | Instagram

Coming Soon:


Kaya (the band) was founded in 2009 out of hours of jamming and ripping chords in the garage. Raging with rock and roll testosterone, the band has played alongside various local musicians, including Salam Musik, and have been taking the Malaysian live music scene by storm.
Kaya (On Toast), we like that.
After winning several competitions and growing a solid fanbase from around the world, Kaya is dropping their long-awaited first album called ‘On Toast’ (see what they did there) on 20 April.

Follow Kaya (the band):  Facebook | Instagram


LastLogic is a four-piece band that draws influence from top acts like Deftones, Oasis, Chevelle and Incubus. They boast of a music style that has pumping rhythm, power yet effervescent guitars, vindictive voice and a killer chorus.

Each song is filled with energy manifested by nostalgia and sentimentalism. The moment you divert your attention, dissonant chords will hit you with haunting moments that send shivers up your spine. This enigmatic band promises sonorous triggers that keep you wanting more.

Watch out for their first EP that is set to launch on 22 April.

Follow LastLogic: Facebook | Instagram

An Honest Mistake

An Honest Mistake is no stranger to the local music scene. Since their debut in 2008, the band has released three albums and performed at countless tours around Malaysia and the region.

Over the years, they have matured into a multi-faceted outfit with sounds ranging from summery easy core to emotional ballads, as well as the occasional pulse-pounding screamo songs.

They have also shared stages with renowned international musicians, such as Boys Like Girls, Motion City Soundtrack, Against the Current, just to name a few.
This year, An Honest Mistake will be releasing a new EP that is slightly different from their usual music. The five-track album called ‘The Corporate EP’ will cover some of the most famous pop songs ever, including hits by Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, with hopes to penetrate a different market after a decade of making music.
The new EP will be available on a special six-stop college tour to major universities around the Klang Valley, featuring some of the biggest acts in the scene at the moment, such as DJ Biggie, Kiddsanthe, Cuurley, Damnyoudan and Aisyah Aziz.

Looking forward to see what the new EP brings.
This tour features a battle of the bands called ‘Summer Jamming’ leading up to the final showdown on 12 May.

Listen to An Honest Mistake: Spotify
Follow An Honest Mistake: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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