5 Things To Know Before You Watch 'PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING'


It’s time to fire up your Jaeger!

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5 Things To Know Before You Watch 'PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING'

Be prepared to cancel the apocalypse…again!

Remember how awesome it was when we saw giant robots fighting giant monsters on the silver screen for the first time back in 2013?

‘Pacific Rim’ was every geek’s dream come true; a fleet of robots known as Jaegers defending Earth from Godzilla-like monsters called Kaijus.

The awesome-looking Jaegers wielding ultra canggih weapons slugging out with scary monsters against a futuristic neon backdrop proved to be a visual masterpiece and a Grade A summer blockbuster.

(To be honest, we lost count how many times we’ve seen the movie)

And here’s the good news: its sequel, ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’, will be releasing in cinemas soon!

This time around, a new crop of Jaeger pilots will have to band together to stop an even more unstoppable threat from bringing the world to its knees.

To get you up to speed before you watch ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’, here are five things you should know:

#1 The Kaijus are absolutely crazy in the new movie

The Kaijus that the Jaegers will be battling in ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’ will be bigger, meaner and generally more powerful. According to this article by Empire Magazine, the three new Kaijus we see in the trailer are Category IV and V, and apparently bigger than the Kaijus we saw in the first movie. In fact, the movie’s visual effects supervisor Peter Chiang hinted that they are smarter than the old Kaijus.

If these three Kaijus they reveal in the trailer are already so badass, we are pretty sure there’s going to be a crazier one (or two) in the movie. Guess you’ll just have to watch and find out. 

#2 There’s going to be a bad robot in ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING

If fighting Kaijus is not enough for you, the Jaegers will also have to deal with a bad robot in the movie. Again, nothing much has been revealed about the rogue Jaeger, but after some digging, we found out that it’s called Obsidian Fury (such a cool name) and it’s made in China.

These China products can’t be trusted, we tell you.  

#3 There’s a new Gipsy in town

We were pretty sad when Gipsy Danger was destroyed in the end, but it’s OK, for now we have Gipsy Avenger. Nothing much has been revealed about the shiny new Jaeger so far, but the official ‘Pacific Rim’ Twitter account said that Avenger is a “Mark-6 Jaeger equipped with a Gravity Sling that can turn anything in the environment into a deadly weapon.”

Also, Gipsy Avenger is equipped with two Chain Swords instead of just one on Gipsy Danger. Sounds pretty awesome to us.

#4 Stacker Pentecost is dead!

If you are a fan of Idris Elba’s character Stacker Pentecost in ‘Pacific Rim’ (his ‘cancel the apocalypse’ speech was pretty unforgettable), we’re sad to announce that he won’t be back for ‘PACIFIC: RIM UPRISING’. If you recall, Pentecost sacrificed himself to kill a Kaiju towards the end of the first movie.

There won’t be any ‘magic’ gel (we’re looking at you, ‘Kingsman’) to bring Stacker back to life, so you’d be disappointed to think that he would appear in this movie.

Taking his place will be his son Jake, played by ‘Star Wars’ alumni John Boyega. Who knows, maybe Jake will be the new Stacker with an epic-er ‘cancel the apocalypse’ speech.

#5 Ralko (Maleigh?) is no more

Everyone’s favourite Jaeger couple Raleigh and Mako was the center of attention in the first movie, but just like Encik Pentecost, one half of the team will not be back for ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’. The one that got the cut was Raleigh, played by beefcake Charlie Hunnam.

No one knows what happened to Raleigh, but Mako (played by Rink Kikuchi) will be in the movie, playing mentor to Jake Pentecost. So, if you’ve been shipping Ralko since the first movie, sad to say you won’t see them hooking up on-screen.

Can’t wait to catch ‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’ in the cinema? Yep, us too! While we wait for the movie to premiere, check out the trailer to pump yourself up:

‘PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING’ will open in Malaysian cinemas on 22 March 2018.

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