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Oh No, ‘X-Men: New Mutants’ Is Pushed Back To 2019 But ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Getting An Earlier Release

Yay and nay?

Oh No, ‘X-Men: New Mutants’ Is Pushed Back To 2019 But ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Getting An Earlier Release
Images: 20th Century Fox and Joe Lederer/Fox
If you’re an avid X-Men fan, you’ve probably cleared your calendar on 12 April and to make time for the latest X-Men movie titled New Mutants.

We know you’re really looking forward to seeing the new generation of X-Men, but it seems like you would need to hold your horses for a little longer (a year, in fact) as the release date of the movie has been pushed back to 2019.

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, 20th Century Fox has decided to push back 'New Mutants' to 22 February 2019 instead of 12 April 2018. Haiya, even the trailer and poster is already out in cinemas.

No reason was cited for the delay, so let’s hope that they won’t push the date further.

But we’ve got some wonderful news to make up for that delay. Apparently 'Deadpool 2' is getting an earlier release date, yeay!  

Instead of premiering on 31 May, we Malaysians will be able to catch the unapologetic, no-filter superhero in cinemas on 17 May 2018, which is two weeks earlier than the initial release date.

So now, instead of clearing your calendar for X-Men, you should clear it for 'Deadpool 2'. We just can’t wait to hear all the witty and sarcastic jokes made by Ryan Reynolds.

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