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Taylor Swift Has Launched A New App To Make It Easier For Her To Slide Into Your DMs

You can be BFFs with her!

Taylor Swift Has Launched A New App To Make It Easier For Her To Slide Into Your DMs

Wanna be BFFs with TayTay? Now you can!

Remember when pop star Taylor Swift just disappeared off the face of the planet for one year, then deleted all her social media accounts and a couple of weeks later, she came back with a brand new persona?

Don't worry; we have a feeling that it'll never happen again - 'cos she just launched her brand new smartphone app.

Called 'The Swift Life', it's a social media platform made especially for her diehard fans, according to Billboard

The 27-year-old singer made the announcement via a teaser video on Wednesday:

Developed by mobile app studio Glu Mobile -- who also made the super addictive Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game -- the app aims to create a community of Swifties by linking all her fans to each other and with her.

The app also promises exclusive videos and photos, new songs and - gasp! - direct engagement with TayTay herself! According to the website, TayTay would be able to "see, like, and comment on posts!”

Yep, all that's separating you from TayTay is a piece of glass (and 14,000km of ocean).

Not only that, Swifties will also be able to collect stickers, pictures and TayTay's very own set of emojis called Taymoji. Tay-awesome!

In the past, TayTay has been known to stalk her fans' Instagram accounts, so we guess this app would make it even easier for her to slide into your DMs.

The app will reportedly be available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play sometime later this year.

Better start clearing some space on your phone, guys.