OMG! 'Takeshi's Castle' Is Coming Back And We're Excited AF!

About time!

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OMG! 'Takeshi's Castle' Is Coming Back And We're Excited AF!
Image: Petrihead/Keshihead

Move aside, Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior; your daddy is back!

Popular Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle is reportedly getting a reboot.

According to The Independent UK, entertainment studio Comedy Central UK will be responsible for rebooting the franchise, which gained a cult following back in the late 80s.

The new Takeshi's Castle will reportedly be narrated by popular UK talk show host Jonathan Ross.

The game show will be filmed in Thailand and will see 100 members of the public take on an insane amount of ridiculous challenges in order to conquer the castle.

A new castle to invade!
The new show will reportedly premiere 'this autumn', according to the website.

However, no news yet on whether they will be bringing back classic challenges such as the boulder dash or the maze of doors, but for old time's sake, we really hope they do.

In case some of you guys are too young to know what we're talking about here, the original Takeshi's Castle first appeared on TV in 1986 and by the time its final episode aired in 1990, it had become a global phenomenon.

In the game show, hundreds of contestants must try and overcome some pretty insane obstacles that only the Japanese can think of in an attempt to storm a castle owned by Count Takeshi.

In the end, the remaining contestants who did not wipe out will have to face Count Takeshi in a final challenge and the winner will walk away with a grand prize of ¥1mil (at that time, it was around RM32,000).

During the show's five-year run, there were only nine winners, so yeah, it is pretty difficult.

To find out why we at Rojak Dailyare all excited for Takeshi's Castle to come back, here's a brief video for you to watch:

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