‘It’ Will Be Coming Back To Terrorise You in 2019

Uh oh, just when you thought you’ve had enough of clown-infested nightmares.

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‘It’ Will Be Coming Back To Terrorise You in 2019
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
So, It returned to the silver screen this year in the highly-anticipated remake of Stephen King’s horror novel.

Some say that the horror flick frightened the crap out of them and probably scarred them for life, while others tried to be macho and say “it’s not that creepy.”

But one thing’s for sure; Pennywise gave us a new perspective on clowns, and probably in a horrifying way.

Well, just as you were about to recover from your nightmares where Pennywise and a bunch of balloons show up inside the drain in front of your house, well, we've got bad news – he’s coming back to haunt you.

The homicidal clown is set to creep back into cinemas on 6 September 2019. So, if you didn’t float this time around, who knows you will in two years’ time.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the sequel will take place 27 years later where the characters will return to attempt and destroy It for good.

There is no news so far whether Bill Skarsgård will return to reprise his role as Pennywise, but is said that one of the screenwriters, producers, and director Andy Muschietti are expected to returned for the untitled sequel.

The group of child actors will most likely return in the second installment during the flashback scenes.

Well, do you think Bill Skarsgård should return and terrorise kids or is there a better candidate to play the blood-thirsty clown? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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