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How did Jackie Chan Go from Kung Fu Fighting to K-Pop Mogul?

Maybe he’s had enough of the Hollywood limelight?

How did Jackie Chan Go from Kung Fu Fighting to K-Pop Mogul?
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Jackie Chan is well known all around the world for his acting in numerous blockbuster movies. Apart from acting, he is also a singer, martial arts practitioner, film director, producer, and brand ambassador for various brands such as Bawang Shampoo (No, it doesn't have onions in it). However, never in a million years did we ever imagine that THE Jackie Chan would actually go on to help form a K-Pop group and manage them. Maybe we should've seen it coming because after all, he is turning into a man of all trades. Who knows, perhaps he’ll be the next Donald Trump and venture into politics. 

He decided to name the group JJCC which is a combination of his initials – Jackie Chan and the words “Joint Culture”. Not sure if his decision is just plain weird or he just wants his name stamped on his first experiment into K-Pop music. The group made their debut in 2014 and has steadily climbed their way into the Korean music scene. We had the chance to interview JJCC when they were in Malaysia to find the next member of their group.


Rojak Daily (RD): How is it like having Jackie Chan as your boss?
JJCC: At first we were star struck, when we first saw him; it’s almost like watching his movies but in real life. We just couldn’t believe it. He’s really nice to us, he’s like a father, a brother, basically family to us.

RD: What’s one thing about Jackie Chan not everyone knows about?
JJCC: Guess what, he’s afraid of needles! It’s funny because he acts in a lot of action movies and gets hurt all the time, but he’d rather get hit by a bullet or a knife or even get bitten by a dog but not taking shots. 

RD: Is there anything that upsets him?
JJCC: Yes, if you ever get a chance to meet him and hang out with him, make sure you finish your drink! It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, a reporter, or someone that he works with, he WILL get upset. He doesn’t like to waste food or drinks and he is really keen on conserving the Earth.

RD: Can he speak Korean?
JJCC: Yes, he can and he’s really good that he even sounds like a native speaker. 

RD: Was it hard training to be a K-Pop group?

JJCC: It was really hard. Some of us have been in the army prior to joining this group, and honestly, the army training was wayyyy easier than turning us into a K-Pop group.

Thanks boys, for your honesty and dishing out on some of Jackie Chan’s ‘secrets’. It turns out the man himself has a real passion for K-Pop music and is a fan of the industry. Who knows, maybe in a few years’ time Jackie Chan would consider expanding his wings into the Malaysian music scene to form an M-Pop group? Or he’ll partner up with local producers and produce movies such as Suamiku Penyanyi K-Pop? Whatever it is, we wish you all the best and we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.