Bruce Lee’s Biopic Movie Is Set To Be Filmed In Malaysia

Who knows, you might get a chance to be an extra in the film.

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Bruce Lee’s Biopic Movie Is Set To Be Filmed In Malaysia
Martial arts legend and movie star, Bruce Lee, is set to receive his very own biopic soon. This news may be exciting for fans of the late star but not as exciting for we Malaysians.

It was reported that Malaysia will be one of the prime locations for the filming of Lee’s autobiography. The filming will reportedly take place in Penang and Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studios in Johor Bahru.

The biopic will be based on the Fist of Fury star’s formative years in Hong Kong. According to his daughter, Shannon Lee, the filming process in Malaysia will take place between September and November this year. She deemed Penang to be the perfect setting to recreate Hong Kong in the 1950s.

Bruce Lee and his signature moves.
"We will be trying to replicate the 1950s era in Hong Kong. A portion of the film will be filmed in Penang before we head to Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studios in Johor Baru and then to Foshan, China to film the rest of the movie," Lee told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

“Much of the buildings in Penang are perfect for our film, we have been here on the ground for a number of weeks now.”

More than 5,000 people have auditioned for the role of 17-18-year-old Bruce Lee. Four people have been shortlisted for the role and one of them happens to be a Malaysian.

This prompted Shannon to hint that the movie lead may possibly be played a Malaysian. Well, let’s hope this comes true! *fingers crossed*

The film titled Little Dragon is slated for release in 2018 and will be directed by an Oscar-nominated director, Shekhar Kapur.

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