Five New Exclusive Movie Trailers That Dropped During The 2017 San Diego Comic Con

So. Many. Trailers. *Starts hyperventilating*

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Five New Exclusive Movie Trailers That Dropped During The 2017 San Diego Comic Con
Movie buffs, comic aficionados, entertainment giants, and Hollywood A-listers all gathered for one of the biggest events in pop culture this year – the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. The much hyped-about event took place at the San Diego Convention Centre over the weekend from 20-23 July.

This is where you’ll get to not only have a chance to meet your favourite actor/actress or movie director, you’ll also be treated to some really exclusive movie insights and upcoming movie trailers.

So, strap yourself in as we list down the top five movie trailers that were unveilved at Comic Con that you need to watch right now: 

#1 Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans have been anticipating the next installment of Thor after its last movie, Thor: The Dark World premiered in 2013. In this second sequel, we will get to see Thor sans his long luscious, blond locks as well as his beloved hammer. Along the way, he unexpectedly meets with Hulk and his brother Loki to team up and fight against the “Goddess of Death”, Hela (Cate Blanchett) in order to save Asgard.

Premieres: 3 November 2017

#2 Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Everyone’s favourite suave British spy is back! And this time, he’s off to another mission to save the world and the Kingsman with the help of their ‘cousin’, the American version of Kingsman – the Statesman. Packed with tonnes of adrenaline-pumping scenes, super-canggih weapons, and tailored suits fitted for action and perfection, this sequel is something you definitely don’t want to miss. Did we mention that Galahad is apparently still alive and kicking?

Premieres: 22 September 2017

#3 Justice League

Still can’t get over how amazing Wonder Woman was? Well, you might see her sooner than you think along with some familiar faces. The Justice League’s second trailer is finally out and it features a superhero powerhouse – Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. What we’re very intrigued to know now is… who on Earth was Alfred talking to at the end?!

Premieres: 17 November 2017

#4 Pacific Rim: Uprising

Five seconds into the trailer we thought this was an ad for some futuristic robot figurine, but it isn’t. You’ll get a glimpse of John Boyega at the end after the futuristic-voice over and that’s about it. We wished it was a little longer though.

Premieres: 23 February 2018

#5 Jigsaw

Just when you thought nightmares of a weird clown-faced fella riding a tiny bicycle is over…it’s not. He’s back, to traumatise you and scar you for life (again) with his sinister games.

Premieres: 27 October 2017

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