Justin Bieber Is Heading Over To Singapore On October 2017

What Do You Mean he’s skipping Malaysia again?!

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Justin Bieber Is Heading Over To Singapore On October 2017
Justin Bieber has made a name for himself ever since he first debuted his first single back in 2009. Pandemonium then ensued and Bieber became an international artist who infected everyone with this thing called ‘Bieber Fever’.

Well eight years later, if you still find yourself down with ‘Bieber Fever’ and is still attracted to the now grown-up, good looking Bieber, we’ve got good news for you.

It’s time for you to bring some Company to our neighbouring country because Justin Bieber will be heading to Singapore for his Asian leg of the Purpose World Tour on 7 October.

Bieber fans be like...
But for us Malaysians, Sorry guys, looks like he will be skipping us…again.

Well, there’s still time and we hope some local event organiser can work something out to get the Biebz to perform here. But a short trip to Singapore is better than missing out on watching him live, right?

Apart from Singapore, the Despacito singer will also be stopping by Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

The concert will take place at Singapore National Stadium on Saturday, 7 October, 8pm.

It's official, guys.
Tickets will go on sale this 17 July exclusively for fan club members while general ticket sales will kick off 21 July. The tickets are priced between SGD$148 (RM459.41) to SGD$1,898 (RM5,891.67).

Wow, Bieber fans must be really rich to pay almost RM6,000 to see him live.

You can go on a return trip to Europe with that amount of money! But, if Bieber is what you’d like to spend your money on, whatever floats your boat, we guess.

Better get 10 of your friends to be in front of the laptop before the tickets go on sale to avoid being disappointed.

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