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Sneak Peak: Behind the Scenes of Yuna and Usher’s New Music Video

We’re definitely crushin’ on them.

Sneak Peak: Behind the Scenes of Yuna and Usher’s New Music Video
Yuna (

Ever since 29-year-old Yuna or her real name, Yunalis Zara’ai made her move to USA in 2011 to expand her music career, never would she have imagined in her wildest dream that she would be able to achieve the things she has done today. As a fellow Malaysian, of course we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments. Our home girl has gone from hanging out at her favourite spots in SS15 to hanging out with famous music producers like oh you know, PHARELL WILLIAMS at recording studios.

Image: Youtube

Yuna was signed to Fader Label who helped produced her first EP titled Decorate and also her first self-titled album, Yuna from 2011 to 2012. This helped propelled her to the American music scene and helped opened a lot of doors for her career.

In 2012, she covered The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes the Sun’ for the film Savages. Later in 2013, she recorded ‘Shine Your Way’ with Owl City for the animated movie, The Croods. Apart from movies, her songs have also had their fair share of fame through TV shows. ‘Favourite Thing’ has appeared on Pretty Little Liars and ‘Lullabies’ has appeared in several episodes of the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot. ‘Lullabies’ popularity has attracted the attention of many celebrities including Kendall Jenner. 

Besides Kendall, a few Hollywood A-listers have also noticed Yuna and expressed their affection towards her.    
Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

In 2013, Yuna managed to catch David Foster’s attention which subsequently got her signed to his record label, The Verve.  Foster sees Yuna as someone who is “unique, beautiful inside and out, a great musician and a songwriter.” Yuna released her third studio album, Nocturnal in the same year which received rave reviews from music critics abroad and locally. Her album also peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.

2016 seems to be another great year for Yuna, and this year might be her greatest achievement yet. Her new album, Chapters is set to release this May. The best part about it? One of her tracks – ‘Crush’ features Grammy Award-winning R&B singer, Usher. Yes, THAT Usher. We couldn't contain our excitement when we heard the news and the track is definitely far from disappointing, it’s contagious. The music video is on its way, and here's some exclusive behind-the-scenes of the video shoot:

Now, since she managed to convince Usher to sing with her, we can’t help but to make a mental list of potential singers or bands that she might collaborate in the future. Who knows…Florence + The Machine perhaps? Or maybe Zayn Malik? Whoever it is she wishes to collaborate with, we wish her nothing but the best for her future endeavours. We can’t wait till Yuna wins her first Grammy someday, somehow.