‘Beauty And The Beast’ Makes USD$1 BILLION Worldwide, Guess Who Has The Last Laugh Now?

Amidst all of the controversies, the movie went on and became 2017's highest-grossing film worldwide.

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‘Beauty And The Beast’ Makes USD$1 BILLION Worldwide, Guess Who Has The Last Laugh Now?
“Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test” is probably what Disney bosses are singing on top of their lungs right now after they announced yesterday that their live-action remake Beauty and the Beast earned a whopping USD$1 billion (RM4.41 billion) at the global box office.

Disney staff and bosses celebrating.
The USD$1 billion mark isn’t just a milestone for the studio, the movie also became the first movie of 2017 to surpass it and also became the highest-grossing film worldwide so far.

Beauty and The Beast is now the 14th Disney movie to cross the USD$1 billion mark after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Because of this, Emma Watson who starred as Belle, is expected to receive a beastly paycheck and is on track of becoming the world’s highest paid actress, overtaking Jennifer Lawrence.

Emma Watson cashes on the success of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
The Evening Standard reported that Watson received a £2 million (RM11.03 million) upfront fee and will receive another £15 million (RM82.7 million) thanks to a deal that allow her to enjoy a percentage of the film’s worldwide earnings.

Well, remember the fiasco a month ago when Beauty and the Beast was banned due to a gay scene, then unbanned with minor cuts which prompted Disney to pull out the film entirely, but in the end, it finally received green light to be screened without any cuts?

Phew, who would’ve imagined a Disney movie could cause so much drama in our country.

The movie ban drama is probably more dramatic then Beauty and the Beast itself.
We honestly think the drama surrounding the movie caused a hype that no one could ever foresee as it became the talk of the town for weeks. The controversy spurred even more curiousity towards others which in the end, led to more people to wanting to watch the movie. Well, as they say bad publicity is still good publicity.

As Disney fans ourselves, we’re very happy to know this news and we’re looking forward to the next Disney live-action remake!

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the movie yet, you can still do so as it is still showing in our local cinemas.

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