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The Movie We Malaysians May Never Get To Watch

Did we mention it includes a farting corpse?

The Movie We Malaysians May Never Get To Watch

Ever imagined Daniel Radcliffe going from The Boy Who Lived to The Boy Who Died and Still Farts? Yeah, us neither. Radcliffe stars in the award-winning Sundance movie, Swiss Army Man, as a dead corpse/buddy/survival tool who is also capable of doing weird things for Paul Dano, a dude who unfortunately ends up on a deserted island. The film was a hit during its screening at the Sundance Film Festival, leaving viewers in a state of confusion – is the movie bloody amazing or just downright weird?

For those who managed to catch the movie screening during the festival, we’re pretty sure you’re having a real hard time describing the movie to anyone. “Hey, so I just uhm… watched this movie where that Harry Potter fella plays a corpse that can fart across some ocean and he becomes a suicidal man’s multi-purpose tool on a deserted island.” Yeah, good luck with that one. But right after the trailer was released yesterday; the whole world immediately understood that words will never compare to seeing this eccentric masterpiece yourself.

Watch the trailer here:


The movie has brought a fresh breath of bizarreness that all of us definitely need. It’s far from relatable (if it is, please do write in to us) but you can see it as a form of escapism from reality. And we all need that. Just what on earth was going through the heads of the Daniels duo when they wrote the plot for this movie?! How did they even gather the marbles to pitch it? With a straight face at that! Whatever it is, we foresee this movie doing well in the box office. If it doesn’t, it will still strike a chord with indie movie fans, for sure.

Image: Blackbird Films / Cold Iron Pictures

Swiss Army Man is scheduled for a release on June 17, but since this is an indie movie, chances of us watching this on our home soil is probably a speck of dust to none. Let’s all form a prayer circle and hope for a miracle to make it happen soon.