'Running Man' Will Be Running Back To Malaysian Fans’ Hearts This April 22nd

If you’re a true fan, you might not want to miss this as it may be their last tour ever.

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'Running Man' Will Be Running Back To Malaysian Fans’ Hearts This April 22nd
Image: Tourism Selangor
Last year was a whirlwind of emotions for Running Man fans after Gary announced he was exiting the show to focus on his music career, followed by Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook's shocking axing by the show’s producers.

As fans were about to digest and accept the news, things took a turn for the worse – rumours began circulating that the show was going to be cancelled due to low ratings and the season was supposed to end this January. You can read all about it here.

Mass confusion then ensued after SBS said in a statement that the cancellation was “a misunderstanding”. Shortly after, SBS then contradicted their own statement and gave their final word that Running Man will end in February 2017.

And now, as of January, according to a report in The Star and Soompi, the show will go on after all.

Geez, make up your mind guys!

Make up your mind!

Drama aside, atleast there is a silver lining out of this as the Running Man cast – Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Song Ji-hyo, and Lee Kwang-soo - will be making their way to Malaysia as part of their Asian tour.

Fans will be treated to a minimum of two-hour live show from the cast and a special performance by Korean reggae singer, Skull.

Are you guys excited?

'Running Man 2017 Live in Malaysia’ is slated to take place at The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) on April 22nd (Saturday), 6pm.

Ticket prices start from RM208 all the way up to RM758. You can purchase them here.

Word on the street is that this might be their very last tour, so, what are you waiting for? Time to break that piggy bank and secure your tickets for this event of a lifetime.

Who knows, you might even get a chance to participate in their games or get a selfie with them.

Hurry, because you’re only 11 days away until the event!

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