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Suicide Squad Is Bad to the Bone

Move over Tay Tay, this is the kind of squad the world needs.

Suicide Squad Is Bad to the Bone
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Suicide squad | Rojak Daily

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (Please don't read unless you've seen the movie or you don't care)

The Suicide Squad follows a group of supervillains who are coerced into going on dangerous missions. The hype and anticipation has been building up since forever and DC sure knows how to get the people talking, with pumped-up trailers and a remarkable dynamic cast to beat. It’s not a superhero headlining this movie; it’s a bunch of bad guys which is already a spin to the typical superhero saves the day fabrications we have been ingesting all this while.

This band of misfits have been an important presence in the DC Universe since writer John Ostrander revitalized the group in the 1980s, and now they’re getting a chance to shine in a gritty, cinematic universe we have yet to witness. Suicide Squad will be officially released on August 4, in cinemas throughout Malaysia and with every passing minute, fans are restless to see if Jared Leto’s Joker will be a match for Ben Affleck’s Batman. We have seen the images of the Clown Prince of Crime on social media, and it has caused quite a stir - nerds and non-nerds alike.

Suicide squad 2 | Rojak Daily

Here is EVERYTHING I “knew” about Suicide Squad before going into the media preview:

“Jared Leto plays a very Steampunk/Goth version of the Joker and his girlfriend would undoubtedly be Harley Quinn because she looks just as crazy as he does. Will Smith plays Will Smith (once more), complete with snarky comments mid fight in sequences and witty comebacks, and is most likely the leader of the pack. The soundtrack is going to be off-the-hook as it features Twenty One Pilots, Skrillex and more (based on the trailers so far)! A bunch of baddies will help save the world to get out of incarceration. Things and buildings will inevitably blow up and Margot Robbie is an insane “clown” (yet insanely hot) throughout the film. Tons of incredibly choreographed fight sequences will definitely transpire and Cara Delevingne plays a stunning Emo-Goth Enchantress with witch-esque powers. There is a guy who looks like a scaly lizard, a guy with tons of tattoos on his face and a Samurai with a katana. Also, Jared Leto is apparently going to blow our minds with his portrayal of the Joker.”

That’s about all I knew about Suicide Squad.

Suicide squad 3 | Rojak Daily

So I decided, why not write down my thoughts while watching the film? A live commentary or play by play personal reaction of what took place in the movie as a noob to this new DC Universe.

Here is my LIVE COMMENTARY while viewing Suicide Squad: (WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

Movie opens with predictable usage of neon lights and bold comic book references plastered everywhere.

The entrance music is pretty dope! As we enter into Will Smith punching stuff, because why not?

Of course, the film starts off with Will Smith’s character (Deadshot) handing out humorous snarky comments like they are candy. #Yasss

suicide squad 4 | Rojak Daily

Margot Robbie’s character Harley Quinn is introduced swinging around in a cage; I guess her character is also an acrobat? Where is her toilet, shouldn’t it be inside her enclosure?

suicide squad 5 | Rojak Daily

Torture sequence to announce to us why Harley Quinn is a villain with psychopathic tendencies. Insane girl helps out another insane patient (the Joker) in an asylum and they “lived happily ever after”.

Soundtrack is bomb, as anticipated!

Superman is #ded. So we need a new squad to protect the world from another “Superman” clarification.

Viola Davis (don’t even know what her character name in the film is) plays a badass with serious RBF.

Cue exposition and explanation of the backstory and powers of each baddie with the help of a very “extensive” convenient folder. Must be heavy to carry around, wouldn't it be better if everything was in a USB?

Again, Will Smith is a badass and he knows it.

Compilation of backstories and flashbacks galore to enlighten the audience on how any of these baddies got caught by the authorities – typical masked crusader exposition stuff.

Oh goodness, the girl who plays Will Smith’s daughter can’t act.

The movie looks as though I just strolled into a massive Hot Topic store.

joker | Rojak Daily

Well, hello there…tattoo covered, grill donning Jared Leto who kind of looks like a ghetto/glam rock version of the Joker. But still successfully manages to seduce hearts.

This movie’s version of the Joker looks like he raided Alice Cooper’s closet and stole P.Diddy’s entire artillery of bling!

Jared Leto is utterly pulling this gangsta Joker off (which was kind of expected).

*Backstory* Harley Quinn and the Joker definitely win the most “ludicrously insane couple” award. Somehow, it actually looks pretty romantic in a manic way.

joker and harley | Rojak Daily

Didn’t Harley Quinn just fall into a pool of toxic waste or a chemical bath? Why is she still alive? Why is the Joker still alive after jumping in after her? What’s that multi-coloured dye stuff formulating around them? Oh…theatrical goth-industrial lovebirds scene.

These two really bring a new meaning to the term ‘power couple’.

That Aussie bloke likes pink unicorns! Me too! #twinsies #unicornsforlife

A very brief appearance from The Flash (the Ezra Miller version) #Yasss

My goodness! Cara Delevingne looks amazing… #workit

enchantress | Rojak Daily

A clandestine organization that enlists criminals to do good (original enough I guess?).

Nerdy-looking Cara Delevingne in dorky glasses and dull office wear…strangely still attractive.

Will Smith shows off how badass he is, with killer beats in the background while he hits a bullseye every single time. Yet, he still manages to remain hilarious with his cleverly crafted and witty lines.

Viola Davis is a ballbuster and does not hide it! #OhSnap

The Joker is starting to look like he is ready to hit the Las Vegas strip with his getups.

This “brother version of Enchantress” from the past starts absorbing people to get bigger and more powerful. ??? *confusion*

Margot Robbie’s acting is above expectation and she plays psychotic very well! (Don’t judge a book by its cover; in this case…this sexy lass can act)

harley quinn | Rojak Daily

Will Smith is still playing Will Smith.

Creepy Enchantress version of Cara Delevingne is still stunning! #takinggothtoawholenewlevel

They inserted some sort of rice-sized explosive device in their necks to make sure the “Suicide Squad” does their bidding. Sure…why not?

Cue music from The White Stripes to introduce the anti-heroes to the entire military because they’re cool like that.

I wonder if the Aboriginal looking anti-hero (Slipknot) who lasted all about 10 seconds in the film got paid well for being the “first to die” for the silliest of reasons. Screen time at level SAD.

Music choices throughout the film continue to be on point, woohoo Slim Shady!

*Cue cool weapons montage*

Spanish guy plays an archetypal Mexican ruffian, complete with burrito jokes and I’m pretty sure calling someone ‘ese’ can be a neutral term for any average guy or it can be a statement of one's gang affiliation.

el diablo | Rojak Daily

Snappy, feisty Will Smith is gold!

Of course, Will Smith is the inevitable ringleader in this squad. Taylor Swift move over!

Will Smith proceeds to stand on a car and shoot a round of firearms while looking extremely badass and sexy. Women, proceed is swoon now.

Oh we have a Japanese girl who is good at using a katana and her name is Katana. Wow. Originality, D-

katana | Rojak Daily

At least she can fight though – girl power? #feminism

How did Harley Quinn learn how to fight? Does she have superhuman powers at all? If not, how does she manage to endlessly defeat baddies with just a baseball bat and a pair of guns?

Cara Delevingne’s character changes human beings into black granite looking beings for her army just by kissing them. Hmm…I wonder if I am supposed to feel somewhat offended by that or not (connotations?).

Will Smith gives one of his “life-changing” pep talks! #OnFleek

The Joker is kind of like a glitzy pimp gang boss in this film, complete with shimmering gold blazer and thick gold chains.

Viola Davis (I still don’t know her name in this film)…is heartless!

Is it peculiar to feel a little something for the Joker and Harley Quinn’s twisted, crazy relationship? Can wicked villains really feel true love? #TeamJQuinn is a thing guys (if not, I’m making it a thing).

joker and harley 2 | Rojak Daily

I will never hear the word puddin’ the same way any longer.

Note to self: Never piss off Cara Delevingne

Enter in fraternal scene at the bar where they talk about feelings and their past. So, we the audience will end up rooting for the “villains”.

Of course they end up banding together to defeat the malevolent Enchantress out of their own free will. This is when we all believe that baddies do have a heart.

Harley Quinn is surprisingly charming and delightful in this film, and her New York accent is absolutely on point but those shorts should just be called considerably longer undies.

*Brace yourselves for a wave of girls dressed as Harley Quinn this Halloween*

Harley Quinn slashes Cara’s chest open and grips her heart, consequently being the hero. #feminism

Cara Delevingne ends up waking up from a pleasantly long “mud facial”. The world is saved. The end.

Oh wait…of course, Harley Quinn ends up getting rescued from prison by her ‘Prince Charming’, the Joker himself, setting the duo up for a terrorising reappearance (a.k.a. another Batman movie where they play the main villains).

Stay back to watch the after credits scene where Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. the Batman) broods and talks “business” with Viola Davis’ character to build up expectation for the imminent Justice League film.

justice league | Rojak Daily


My deduction after watching the movie:

Overall the movie was a fun experience, lots of things to see visually and a couple of standouts include Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker, Margot Robbie with her adorably eccentric yet amusing depiction of Harley Quinn and of course, Will Smith (duh). The idea of assembling a misfit crew of colourful psycho killers and having them helicopter straight into the eye of the trash-storm (if you want to get technical) is a fun concept.

Some parts are slightly awkward, maybe disrupted by at least six different ponderous flashback scenes filled with lines of the dialogue that cut into the trailers but make zero sense when placed in context but salvaged by rock-and-roll sing-alongs in the background. Inserting tunes like Spirit In The Sky and Bohemian Rhapsodydoes gain some brownie points but the actors in the movie seem like they were too busy posing for their poster shots to exchange more than a few lines at one time. I did appreciate the Joker and their visual style with skin chalk-white and his hair toxic green and Harley Quinn just bursts into a room like a hyper sexualized pinup girl. Deadshot had a refined sort of demeanour and dignity which was appealing and did have tons of flair. So, although at times it did feel as though the movie was chopped and diced up, and tossed on screen, Suicide Squad is still a step up from Batman v. Superman but not a massive step.

While Suicide Squad does follow in the footsteps of recent more non-traditional superhero flicks likeGuardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, it does offer something totally brand new within the genre. It’s an innovative twist and doesn’t feel like a superhero movie in the best possible way. This movie could redefine what a superhero movie could be and the potential the future has in store for more movies like this.

Rating: C+

suicide squad group | Rojak Daily

Fun facts about Suicide Squad:

The comic book team of the same name debuted in 1987 and featured a periodically rotating cast of anti-heroes who embark on high-risk missions at the behest of a clandestine government agency. Though the film features Batman’s arch-nemesis the Joker, and a cameo from the Dark Knight himself, Warner Bros. is certainly reaching deeper into its bench after this year’s Batman v. Superman.

This film relies heavily on Margot Robbie’s character, Harley Quinn who plays a deranged sidekick to the Joker introduced in the 1992 Batman animated series. Harley later crossed over into comics and amassed a gigantic cult following.

Jared Leto does face tough comparisons to Jack Nicholson’s much-loved rendition of the crown prince of crime in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning take in 2008’s Dark Knight.

Following this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the film’s trailers have picked up an additional 20 million views on YouTube and Facebook to reach 320 million – more than even Deadpool had at the same time before its release.

suicide squad poster| Rojak Daily

If you appreciate operatic silliness and DC bandits delivering disorder and chaos, then check out Suicide Squad.