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This is the Future According to CES 2017

The future isn't so much about flying cars as it is about self-driving cars.

This is the Future According to CES 2017
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) provides an annual pageantry of the latest gadgets and gizmos for you to sink your cash in and it has its fair share of hits and misses. Think cars that can find a parking spot for you while you rush for your meeting and not fridges that remind you when you're low on milk – although there's that. The show in Las Vegas begins today, 6 Jan and lasts till 9 Jan. 

Here are some of the weird and wonderful things that CES has gifted upon humanity for now: 


Faraday Future's Self-Parking Car

The FF91 is Faraday Future's first car and one that it hopes will rival Tesla. In this demonstration, the company demonstrated the FF91's ability to self-drive, self-look-for-parking, and self-park. Let's face it, the worst part about owning the car is parking the damn thing and if the FF91 is the future, we're sold. Every Malaysian will own one so that we can leave our cars double parked all over the country. 


Razer's Three-Monitor Laptop, Project Valerie 

That's one laptop with two slide out 17-inch displays, making it a three-screen 4k-display monitor on a laptop. The laptop is still just a concept, but it's a nutty concept that will get people buzzing (this writer included). You don't need it and you'll likely never own it. 


Simplehuman's Wi-Fi And Voice-Enabled Trashcan

You know you're living your best life when you live it so well that you need a Wi-Fi enabled, voice-activated garbage can. It can also remind you if you're low on garbage bags apparently. Yeah. 

Weird and Wonderful:

Willow's Wireless Wearable Breast Pump

Now that's how you make a wearable. Those smart watches and smart glasses and smart thongs don't do anything but take discreet pictures and vibrate, but this smart breast pump actually serves a purpose. It's a hands-free, tubless, and relatively noise-free device that rests on the breast under the bra and collects milk in a pouch that's stored inside the device. It is connected to your phone via Bluetooth so you can keep track of how much milk has been collected, collection date, and how long each session was. That said, it's weird. 

That's all for now. We'll be sure to bring you more weird and wonderful gadgets once we read about it online.