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Nerve (The Movie): How Daring Can You Go?

Nerve is a propulsive thriller about the risks of social media. So, are you a watcher or a player?

Nerve (The Movie): How Daring Can You Go?
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The bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff in Nerve, an exhilarating thriller set in the streets of New York City where amateur daredevils, played by Emma Roberts and Dave Franco contend in an all-or-nothing game that mines their online information to exploit both their wildest dreams and deepest fears!

Embroiled in a fresh concept which plays to millennial narcissism and the need to push boundaries by taking illogical risks, these young thrill-seekers challenge each other in a series of dares that swiftly escalate from somewhat embarrassing to deadly. 

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman from a screenplay by Jessica Sharzer, and based on the novel by Jeanne Ryan. Nerve opened to a solid $1.1 million dollars from over 1,700 locations.

We tend to seek exhilaration and excitement through phone apps and little gadgetries but sometimes our small-time pranks and challenges ramp up into hazardous and sometimes insanely detrimental acts. 

In Nerve, you can see as these acts are captured live on smartphones and channelled throughout the globe (sounds familiar doesn’t it with a world at large gripped in Pokemon Go hysteria?). It’s a razor-sharp examination of the obsession and seductive power of social media today and how simply we can be sucked into doing something by our peers.

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The film does take you through the highs and lows of social media and the fame that can be garnered through the online platforms. Even if you aren’t exactly completing deadly dares, there is something very dangerous about making your personal life so accessible to the entire world (i.e. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram). There are so many levels to Nerve that resonate with our generation and go far beyond the restrictions of the game itself.

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Here are some reviews from film critics:

“It’s the most technology obsessed teen movie since last year’s Unfriended.” – Jeannette Catsoulis from The New York Times

“If this movie can’t get teens to look up from their devices and pay to see a movie at a multiplex, nothing can.” – Allen Salkin from New York Daily News

“It’s a cautionary tale about the illusory nature of false celebrity, but it serves the double function of commenting on itself.” – Jordan Hoffman from The Guardian

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“Web platforms and smartphone apps are evolving so quickly that a game like Nerve seems like it might be available for download already.” – Justin Lowe from The Hollywood Reporter

Since the movie centers around young people who get sucked up into a digital game of online dares, a series of challenges that grows into something a little more dangerous than they signed up for, here are a couple of some insane dares some individuals have carried out in a case of art imitating life.

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Crazy dares people have actually done (Source: anonymous confessions):

“I’ve shaved a guy’s leg at a birthday party before, and give myself a haircut!”

“Biggest dare I have done was danced wildly on the bar table to my favourite song and sang at the top of my lungs while everyone was looking.”

“Grossest dare was definitely licking the floor of a dirty bathroom and I even sat outside in the winter cold in nothing but my boxers before!”

“I lost a wager so I had to let my friend post an embarrassing picture of me online, I still regret it till this day.”

“One evening at a bar, my friends dared me to let someone write a word on my forehead in permanent marker, and it wasn’t puppies, I can tell you that.”

“In high school, my friends dared me to call up my crush and declare my love for him, it was so embarrassing!”

“My colleagues made me go to work one day in my pyjamas! Everyone thought I was crazy.”

“I lost a bet to my wife, so my dare was to wear her blouse while we had visitors at our home.”

Nerve will officially be released throughout Malaysia on August 11 2016.

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