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This Malaysian Musician Played Music in 39 Countries in 30 Months

That's a lot of air miles. We wonder how many plane hours that is in total.

This Malaysian Musician Played Music in 39 Countries in 30 Months
Image: Facebook @ Jeshurun Vincent
According to, a publication based in the Maldives, 29-year-old Malaysian, Jeshurun Vincent, has been on a music pilgrimage of sorts travelling to 39 different countries since August 2014. The backpacking bard comes from a musically minted family with an older brother who plays the saxophone, and a younger brother who owns a recording studio in Malaysia. 

At an interview with IBC Tamil in London. (Image: Facebook @ C-Four-J)
Despite going to one new country each month, Jeshurun still managed to hold down a full time job, working from 6am to 3pm from Monday to Friday. He leaves for the airport on Friday evening and plays music in another country by Saturday the next day. He attributes his ability to perform in such a capacity to his boss, who he says "is very kind and supportive". "She never said no if I asked her for days off to go to another country and perform,” he elaborates. 

Shredding in Pattaya. (Image: Facebook @ C-Four-J)
We've written about musicians at length on our site from picking 10 of the latest music videos by Malaysian artists to finding out how much do Malaysian musicians make, and we love the local music scene. Psst. Sign up for an open mic in KL here. If you're an aspiring musician, Jeshurun has some words of wisdom for you, taken from the interview with

"Don’t give up. Your life is the most valuable thing you have. Don’t think about the things you don’t have, think about the things you do have and use it to come forward in life. So you might think that I don’t have this and that and everything, but look at what you have and use it as a first step in your life then you will literally see the hard work will one day pave your way to success. If I did not take the first step in my country to go to Myanmar I wouldn’t have been able to visit 39 countries in 30 months. When I first told my family, even they thought I was crazy, because I was going for 3 days and spending my money, many people didn’t support it actually. But that one step of faith paid off. With genuine hard work, you will get where you want to be, and someone else will be inspired because of you. That’s one of the best things actually, when your story can touch someone else and inspire them, that’s the biggest success you can have!”

You can follow his efforts on his Facebook page, C-Four-J, and his website. His band plays gospel music and was founded way back in 2004.