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Celebrity Apprentice is Back… Sans Donald Trump

The new season will premiere in January and will feature a new ‘boss’.

Celebrity Apprentice is Back… Sans Donald Trump
Original Image: NBC
When we talk about The Apprentice, what normally comes to mind is of course, Donald Trump, followed by a group of people in suits looking flustered running around carrying out their tasks, and eventually someone getting fired. The show is arguably one of the most influential shows in pop culture and has spanned over 15 seasons, including a celebrity version of it.

Fast forward to 2016, Donald Trump may not be the most favourable man on Earth especially after he won the 2016 US Presidential Election, therefore producers were scrambling to rebrand the popular TV show. And as a result, a new Celebrity Apprentice is born featuring the person you’ll least expect… California’s Governor, a.k.a the Terminator, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Watch the promo clip here:

The promo clip starts off with Schwarzenegger dropping his most infamous line – “I’m back” – and looking like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, sporting a very distinctive blonde Trump-like hairstyle. Seconds after his entrance, a new scene cuts in and his hair has miraculously transformed into an autumn-brunette shade. Maybe he was trying to confuse people with his blonde entrance? Who knows. The new season will feature celebrities such as Boy George; Jersey Shore star, Snooki; Queer Eye host, Carson Kressley; and many more.

Image: NBC
If you think Schwarzenegger’s personality alone is already a lot to handle for this show, wait till you find out who his advisors are – Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and Warren Buffet just to name a few. How on Earth did Tyra Banks go from supermodel queen hosting America’s Next Top Model to being Mr Terminator’s advisor? Well, that’s one interesting question to ponder.

Image: NBC
The show is scheduled to premiere on January 2nd on NBC but no news whether it’ll be aired in Malaysia so far. Let's hope that we'll be able to watch it soon!