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Disney is Making Shows for Snapchat

Disney is targeting younger viewers who are ditching traditional TV these days.

Disney is Making Shows for Snapchat
Image: engadget
Disney is actually going to start producing shows for Snapchat. Disney’s US TV arm, Disney-ABC Television Group will create a few new series that will exist as Snapchat Stories, the first show being a recap of ABC’s popular The Bachelor franchise called Watch Party: The Bachelor. The recap series will be released on 3 January, one day after the ABC series airs its 21st season.
Image: ABC
More scripted and non-scripted shows on other Disney-ABC properties will begin rolling out on Snapchat in the coming year in an effort to target a younger crowd who heavily rely on social media platforms and are increasingly beginning to avoid traditional television.
This isn't the first time both companies will be collaborating. Earlier this year, Disney and Snapchat joined forces to bring special Live Stories of the Academy Awards through a feature that curates photos and videos submitted by users. The collaboration was very successful and Disney hopes to continue building on that relationship.
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It hasn't been confirmed whether this collaboration will be available in Malaysia, but let's keep our fingers crossed!