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Mark Zuckerberg Just Created His Own Jarvis

He's no Tony Stark, but the Facebook CEO's homemade AI does look promising.

Mark Zuckerberg Just Created His Own Jarvis
Image: JerimumGeek
Mark Zuckerberg from the world’s favourite social network shared what a day in his life looks like in a video that also features his very own homemade artificial intelligence (AI), Jarvis. Yes, he named it after Iron Man’s Jarvis. The witty clip shows the virtual assistant in action at the Zuckerbergs’ home – from waking him up in the morning to switching off the lights at night.
Zuckerberg had announced in January his plans to create an AI to help run his home and assist in his work. He actually elaborated his progress with this project in a blog post titled "Building Jarvis" before releasing the video. Although it’s still nowhere near the actual Jarvis from Marvel, Zuckerberg’s AI still gives a fresh look into having a functional robot assistant at the comfort of your very own home. Plus, hearing Morgan Freeman’s voice behind this Jarvis is definitely a bonus.
In October, Zuckerberg posted on Facebook asking for suggestions on who to voice Jarvis. Some nominees that came up included Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Downey Jr himself. But the Iron Man star later commented that selecting Morgan Freeman was an “absolutely brilliant” decision.
The Facebook CEO also demonstrated how he communicates with the AI using a mobile app. "It uses artificial intelligence to understand me and figure out what to do," he said. Jarvis can be seen adjusting room temperature, monitoring and entertaining Zuckerberg’s baby Max, helping him get dressed (by shooting a T-shirt at him out of a canon), making breakfast, playing music, and even using facial recognition to let visitors in. It is indeed promising to see how the Jarvis system is a voice-powered command centre for the home.
Mark Zuckerberg is definitely no Tony Stark. But he did say that he would continue to use the AI. "Although this challenge is ending, I'm sure I'll continue improving Jarvis since I use it every day and I'm always finding new things I want to add," he said. He also added that following steps could include developing an Android app, connecting more appliances and setting up voice terminals in more rooms around his house.
If you can stand through awkward acting without cringing, here’s the full video:  
Meanwhile, Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan shared her personal account with the AI, where you’ll hear a hint of Schwarzenegger's "aggressive" voice.
Now we know who's more natural in front of the camera!