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A Brand New Hitz Morning Crew Has Hit Your Radio Waves

Malaysia’s #1 English radio station welcomes Jay R Smith to the crew, along with Arnold and RD.

A Brand New Hitz Morning Crew Has Hit Your Radio Waves
For those of you who never fail to listen to the radio to help you on your dull drive to work every morning, you may have heard something different this morning because hitz fm has kicked off a brand new morning show welcoming a new member to the morning crew – Jay R Smith. The new show is now called ‘hitz morning crew with J, Arnold and RD’.

Born and bred in the United States, J’s sarcastic alpha male persona adds a new street flare to the hitz morning lineup. “I’m excited to finally be a part of the hitz family. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to do what I love, reaching out to listeners in this beautiful country. I will bring to the table my experience of handling breakfast shows to making every morning a spectacular one for everyone,” he said.
Besides the new addition to the crew, the show has also introduced new segments and programmes, such as ‘Dirty Pop’, ‘Mind Trap’, ‘Repost of the Day’, as well as their notorious ‘Gotcha’ calls. In ‘Dirty Pop’, J gives listeners daily updates on the latest Hollywood buzz. For ‘Mind Trap’, each announcer chooses a word and callers must refrain from saying the three chosen words for 60 seconds to win cash. And in ‘Repost of the Day’, the announcers share a social media post that has caught their attention.

The brand new hitz Morning Crew goes on air every Monday to Friday from 6am to 10am. The announcers will also be touring around Malaysia beginning next year to meet hitz fm listeners.
For more details, log on to hitz fm or visit their Facebook page.