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We Watched 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' in the Biggest IMAX Screen in Malaysia

The biggest screen is available at Sunway Velocity Mall on Jalan Cheras.

We Watched 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' in the Biggest IMAX Screen in Malaysia
Members of the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club enjoying the premier.
Yes, that screen was gigantic – it's the biggest one in Malaysia – and yes, Rogue One needs to be experienced in IMAX 3D. The premier at the new Sunway Velocity Mall on Jalan Cheras was met with a lot fan fare. The Mos Eisley Cantina from A New Hope was recreated that night and Star Wars fans were out in full force. Various fan groups graced the premier in full costume and mingled with members of the media. 

The cinema is the 34th TGV cinema in Malaysia and boasts a nine-hall multiplex cinema with a capacity to house 1,638 people at once while its IMAX hall loads 287 seats, 40 of which are leather-bound 'Indulge' seats. The seats take up the middle portion of the cinema and come with blankets and a screen for each coupled seat to order food from. Pretty indulgent. We got the blue fabric seats on the side but it's fine. If you go now you can still get a wiff of that new-cinema smell. As for the IMAX 3D experience, all we can say is that it's truly immersive. Your eyes may struggle to focus on one point on the screen at first but after a while you'll realise that the movie directs your vision so you only need to concentrate on what's in front of you. 

Yes, those black seats in the middle.
Before the premier of the movie, we were treated to an imperial march by the fan groups led by Darth Vader himself. He had to allay his grievances with the rebel scum for the night and marched alongside Jedis, but we think ol' Vadey had some fun. 

You can catch Rogue One in TGV cinemas now. Though trust us, check out that IMAX 3D version.