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Oh So Fesyen: Outfits Inspired by Wes Anderson Films

There are few film directors who are as adored by the fashion community as Wes Anderson.

Oh So Fesyen: Outfits Inspired by Wes Anderson Films
Image: Rojak Daily
Anderson's genius is not only celebrated in the cinematic sphere, but also in the world of fashion. This year, Swedish clothing giant H&M has recruited Anderson to create a fashionable short entitled Come Together, and it's filled with his signature aesthetic, all wrapped up in H&M knitwear.

Image: YouTube
There are a few film directors who are as cherished by the fashion community as Wes Anderson is and the reason is simple – every Anderson film takes place in a perfectly styled world of whimsicality and wonder. They star characters who are so immaculately dressed and who inhabit spaces that complement their personalities and desires so well that it’s basically like a fashion editorial with a spectacularly compelling plot that comes to life.

Image: YouTube
His colours used are unusual and peculiar, his silhouettes are crisp and he inserts charmingly vintage tiny details, be it a red knit cap, inquisitive glasses, or bobby pins that hold back Margot Tenenbaum’s hair. Every character feels intricate and specifically quirky. Anderson’s latest fashion-world collaboration is set on a train (throwback to The Darjeeling Limited) and the piece stars Adrien Brody as a conductor determined to make a much-delayed trip as pleasant as possible for his travelers.

Anderson has had a long history of collaborating with the fashion industry. In 2007, Marc Jacobs, then the creative director of Louis Vuitton, designed period luggage for The Darjeeling Limited, taking inspiration from the fashion house’s archives. Fast-forward to 2013 and Wes Anderson partnered with Prada on an eight-minute short, Castello Cavalcanti. The following year it was Miuccia Prada who collaborated with the cult director on costumes for The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Image: Wes Anderson Study
Wes Anderson has created a distinct genre of bittersweet irony and nostalgia in his own exceptional way as soon as he began making films two decades ago. Perfectly casted and perfectly scored movies are interwoven with hilarity and little pieces of cinematic history frozen in their oddball garbs or costumes.

Image: Nylon
It’s coincidental that we at Rojak Daily also filmed a fashion video 'lookbook' inspired by the maestro himself. The video features Anderson’s staple visuals – pastel colour palettes, retro inspirations, eccentric vibes mixed with some of the best pieces from H&M as well!

Image: Pinterest
We applied Anderson’s aesthetic with somewhat off-beat looks that could pass for a costume in a Wes Anderson film:

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