6 Things to Expect From Future 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Movies

There are four more movies in the franchise and we want to see these six things on screen.

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6 Things to Expect From Future 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' Movies


We're going deep into spoiler territory, so if you haven't seen the movie, you should look away now. If you have seen the movie, we're going to talk about the ending, the relationships that form, the revelations that we learn, and what we want to see of those things in the future. Before we get into things, J.K. Rowling has revealed that their story will take place from 1926 to 1945. 1926 is the birth year of Voldemort (not mentioned in this movie) and 1945 is Albus Dumbledore's and Gellert Grindelwald's final duel (and the end of World War 2... coincidence?) Let's begin:

1. A lot more of Johnny Depp

We're a little vexed with the casting of Depp as the dark wizard Grindelwald. Director David Yates revealed that he cast Depp in the role because he was "excited about seeing what he would do with (Grindelwald)". After his reveal at the end of the movie, the reaction was less of "Oh! That's Grindelwald!" and more of "Hey, look Johnny Depp. Aww." Time will tell if he's able to bring the gravitas required of the most feared dark wizard of the time to life instead of delivering an evil Jack Sparrow – sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow – that he seems to be stuck with. The film will reportedly focus on him with Paris and London as the backdrop for the movie. 

2. More of bowl-cut Credence 

Yes, this has also been confirmed with director David Yates. In the same interview, he says that: "Credence, we follow Credence further. He becomes quite pivotal actually, Credence is quite crucial". At the end of the movie, we see a quick glance of the wafty smoke-like Obscurus escape through the opening above the subway and it's safe to assume that Credence survived the assault. Could he have something to do with the birth of Voldemort? After all, he was able to survive as an Obscurus far longer than any other wizard in existence and ol' Voldy was left at an orphanage in 1926. Coincidence again? Not likely. 

3. A young Albus Dumbledore 

The casting of a young Dumbledore is one of the most important tasks facing the film's producers now. Who will be the Professor X to Johnny Depp's Magneto? The Batman to Grindelwald's Joker, the Jerry Mouse to Tom Cat. What's more, it was heavily hinted that Alby had a one-sided infatuation for Grindel and this tragic bromance needs a proper leading man to carry it. It'll probably take one full movie to fully appreciate their on-again, off-again relationship and to make viewers care about their final showdown. The final battle takes place when Dumbledore is 63 years old, so it remains to be seen if they will age a young actor or cast an older actor. 

4. Speaking of, expect an epic final boss battle

The pair had dreamed of overturning the Statute of Secrecy and creating a new order in which wise and powerful wizards and witches were the benevolent overlords of their world, including Muggles. The fracture in their relationship began when Albus disagreed with Gellert and ended with an altercation resulting in the death of Dumbledore's sister. The final confrontation between the two ended in 1945 with Dumbledore victorious and yielding the Elder Wand. Eyewitnesses say it was the greatest duel ever fought between wizards. Our clairvoyants also say that it was the greatest wizarding duel in cinema history. Though he also said Hillary would win, so who knows. 

5. A Leta LeStrange and Newt Scamander storyline

Leta LeStrange appears only in a picture in the Fantastic Beasts movie and it's clear that she still means something to Newt, even if he dismisses it. She is instrumental to Newt's expulsion from Hogwarts and J.K. Rowling has hinted that this will be explored in future films. Yates has also confirmed that she will play a bigger role in the sequel and that "Newt is absolutely still in love with her", so it's safe to assume J.K. Rowling will plug that LeStrange hole in his heart in future movies to make way for Tina. 

6. A Jacob and Queenie romance 

Next to Newt and Tina's awkward non-relationship, much of the heart of the movie was given to Jacob and in some respects, his relationship with Queenie. Jacob is the only emotional anchor next to an otherwise muted lead character. Eddie Redmaybe played the awkward animal lover extremely well, almost to a fault, because by the end of the movie, you're not left with a well-rounded person you can sympathise with, but a silent do-gooder who loves animals and is forced by happenstance to save the day. We didn't get a chance to understand his motivations or to empathise with his quest to set his friend, Frank the thunder bird, free. 

So those are the six things you can expect from the next Fantastic Beasts movie. Four two-hour movies are a lot to work with so these things might not be explored immediately in the sequel. Oh, bonus thing: the movie titles might not be the same, i.e., Fantastic Beasts 2. It will likely have different titles and a campaign that will explain future names. 

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