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The Rock Smashes Through 2016 With “Sexiest Man Alive” Title

From competing in wrestling rings to becoming this year’s sexiest siren.

The Rock Smashes Through 2016 With “Sexiest Man Alive” Title
Each year, People magazine awards the “Sexiest Man Alive” title to celebrities who are deemed worthy of it. If you’ve noticed the trend of recipients for the past few years, you’ll be aware that those who have won are usually guys with nice hair and a ‘pretty boy’ face. Proof? Let’s take a look at the previous winners.

David Beckham (2015)

Image: People Magazine

Chris Hemsworth (2014)

Image: People Magazine

Adam Levine (2013)

Image: Paul A. Herbert/AP
This year, the fellas behind People appear to have stepped out of their comfort zones and crowned the title to someone you probably wouldn't expect – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Yes, it’s that strong, bald, ultra-muscular Herculean, who went from wrestling half-naked guys on television to starring in blockbuster action movies. Like, finally right?!

Gif: Giphy
The 44-year-old former WWE champion took to his Twitter and Instagram account to share the magazine cover and to express his gratitude after winning the title. He wrote an inspirational caption and told his fans that being comfortable in your own skin naturally makes you a sexy person. “Remember, sexy isn't something you 'try and be'. Sexy happens naturally when you're comfortable just being yourself”, he wrote.

The world’s highest-paid actor shared his thoughts upon winning the title with People’s magazine. He told them how “awesome” it was and that he’s “reached a pinnacle.”

Image: People magazine
On what fans define him as a ‘sexy’ person, the Moana star says that it’s his sense of humour and “probably just not trying to be sexy and just being cool and confident in your movies”.

Well, he has come so far from his days appearing on TV with nothing but spandex bloomers on to appearing at movie premieres in tailored designer suits. The Rock also proves that despite his muscular physique and ‘tough’ look, he has a softer, charming side and a lovable personality that appeals to younger fans and families. He has previously starred in several family comedy movies such as Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan, and will also appear in two other upcoming movies, Moana and Jumanji.

We’re looking forward to what 2016’s “Sexiest Man Alive” has in store for us next year. Who knows, perhaps he’ll be acting in an Asian movie for a change? Congratulations, Dwayne Johnson!