'Neko Atsume' Will Be Made Into a Live Action Movie

The addictive cat-collecting game will soon be seen in theatres.

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'Neko Atsume' Will Be Made Into a Live Action Movie
Image: Polygon

If you haven’t heard of Neko Atsume, you’re either not that into mobile games, or cats. This addictive game allows you to fill up your virtual backyard with food and toys to attract cats. The cats would simply leave behind a silver or gold fish to say thank you. Cat lovers who have dubbed it the best cat-collecting game ever are in for a treat because it is being adapted into a live action movie!

The movie is titled House of Neko Atsume and is scheduled to be released next year, but only in Japanese theatres for the time being. The story will revolve around a young author named Katsu Sakumoto, played by popular actor Atsushi Ito, who is struggling with a severe case of writer’s block following his early success. He decides to move to the countryside to revive his creativity where he encounters a cat in his garden. He begins to leave food outside for the cat and a new friendship is born.

Director Masatoshi Kurakata said he “wanted to make a simple movie that gives off feelings of warmth. The staff, cast and I really put our hearts into making the film”.

Image: The Daily Dot

Neko Atsume has become a global success since it was released in 2014, snagging over 5.5 million downloads in its first year alone. The adorable cartoon characters really tug at the hearts of cat ladies (and men) alike, making them totally shareworthy. You can find players sharing pictures of their cute cats playing and napping on social media. We can only imagine how the live adaptation would incorporate the heartwarming aesthetic of the game.

So have you checked on your nekos lately?

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