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Steam Summer Sale is ON Till July 4th!

The biggest games of years past are yours at insanely low prices. All praise Gaben!

Steam Summer Sale is ON Till July 4th!

From today, 24 June, to 4 July 2016, the annual gift to mankind returns, the Steam Summer Sale. This will be the most crucial two weeks in the life of gamers as geeks everywhere move money around from various off-shore accounts. Just to save you some time, we've compiled some of our top picks for the best buys on the store. 

For the mainstream franchise gamer:

For the RPG enthusiast in all of us:

Staff Picks (as in which ones this writer's already bought and is waiting for 6pm for):

There are no longer exclusive daily-deals so these prices are final till July 4th. Buy it now, or buy it only July 3 like every one else because procrastination runs in our blood.